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Zach Lach - CEO

Zach Lach - CEO

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Rules for Posting (MUST READ BEFORE POSTING) Empty
PostSubject: Rules for Posting (MUST READ BEFORE POSTING)   Rules for Posting (MUST READ BEFORE POSTING) EmptyMon Jun 22, 2009 10:40 am

At Global Air Virtual Airline we try to keep everything fun, exciting, and still professional, all we ask of you is that you act respectful to other pilots and staff members. Here are some rules that you will need to follow when posting in these forums.

1.) Act respectful to all members

2.) No bad language is to be used in any way

3.) No racism will be used

4.) Don't be rude, there are better ways to say things, given criticism is good, just don't be a rude when giving it

5.) This specific forum is to be used for questions or comments about our fleet. The topic must include what aircraft you are trying to get help with. Then try to put a brief explanation in the topic name

GOODEXAMPLE1: 737-800 Texture Not Working?

Don't Post something like this:


If you follow these 5 simple rules then your experience here will be fun and enjoyable. Depending on what rule you brake and depending on what you do, will be the factor of how bad your punishment will be, you may just have to have a talk to a staff member about what you did, you may also be suspended or even terminated if the offense is bad enough. Hopefully we will have no problems though Very Happy

Thank you and hope you enjoy our forums!

-Global Air Staff
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